Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upholstery Class Progress

I missed a few of my upholstery classes due to my travels with my sister, but I have been back in class now for another two weeks. I really thought this chair would be fairly easy to reupholster. Clearly, I did not know what all went in to such an endeavor.

I have successfully spent hours hammering a tool into this chair to remove all of the staples that held the fabric, batting, foam, and support strips into this frame. Here is the progression of my work....
The metal lining that was attached with staples, I had to tear (carefully) off of the chair. 
The fabric, then the batting layer, comes off of the chair....leaving the old (slightly gross) foam layer.
After hammering more staples out of the chair, the foam layer gets removed, leaving only the support strips attached to the chair. 
After I removed the foam and fabric layers, I brought the chair home and attempted to strip the stain off of the bottom of the chair. I will eventually re-stain the wood. 
Once the support strips were removed, it was just a frame of a chair! 
I then made a paste of saw dust and glue to fill in all of the holes from the old staples on the chair. Doesn't this mixture slightly resemble canned tuna fish? Thankfully, it didn't smell like tuna....

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