Monday, October 13, 2008

Election Coverage here in the UK

I wish I were able to have two tvs going at once - one with UK coverage of the US presidential election, and one with the UK coverage of it because I am sure we are not seeing the same coverage in the UK as Americans are watching in the US. 
While living in Chicago, I felt like there was a lot of Obama coverage on the news, mainly because it is his hometown, he is a senator in the state, etc. and when we first arrived here in the UK, the media did cover Obama regularly. However, here, the coverage seems to have taken a turn to focus on Sarah Palin. After McCain made his selection, one of the newspapers here called her the next Margaret Thatcher. It is fascinating to see how the media covers both candidates here and so I am curious to know how they are both being covered by the television outlets in their home country (I am able to read the main papers online so at least I can see that part of things which is good). 

It does not seem to just be the media who is fascinated with her either. Last week, upon meeting three British people (all in non-related circumstances - a pilates class attendee, a gas service man at the house, and a coffee barista) and as soon as they realized I was American, each then asked me "So, what do you think of Sarah Palin?"  Not knowing how people feel about her or any other running presidential candidate in the US, I prefer not to discuss it, so I have casually just made a comment of "it is an interesting election" or something along those lines in order to deflect a possibly messy discussion. Are people here really that interested in what an American thinks of her??

The fascination with Obama and Sarah Palin (note: I find it so intriguing that it is not Obama vs. McCain) is being highlighted tonight on the BBC. The show is called: OBAMA and THE PITBULL: AN AMERICAN TALE. 

Description from the BBC site as follows:
"Inexperienced Senator Barack Obama has risen from nowhere to the very threshold of the White House. Panorama visits his political home in South Chicago, as well as the crucial battleground state of Ohio, to find out how has achieved this. 
But with new - and just as unlikely - challenger Sarah Palin slowing him in his tracks, could the current financial crisis engulfing the Republican party put Obama on the home straight? Matt Frei investigates." 

Needless to say, the constant promotion of this special program to air this evening has indeed peaked my interest and I will be tuning in to watch it at 8pm.....

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