Friday, October 24, 2008

The falling pound....

The news headlines today are again about the economic woes and worries that the British are facing. I know it's a similar story in America as we have watched our stock and retirement accounts dwindle down in such a short time, and today, it seems it was a significant day for the GBP (Great British Pound).

From the London Times online today: 
"The pound tumbled below $1.60 for the first time in five years today as the British economy prepared to shift towards its first recession since 1992. Sterling slumped to $1.5676 after new figures showed that the UK economy shrank by 0.5 per cent between July and September, signalling the first time quarterly GDP has fallen in more than 16 years."

Such news is not good news here in the UK, but the silver lining is that it is cheaper for anyone in America to come visit us right now......We have guests lined up for December and will have open room and board for any others who wish to visit while a dollar and a half buys you at least one pound, instead of the previous two dollars for one pound. 

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Mom/Mum said...

Hi there - see I came to check you out. Glad I did. I;'ll add you to my blogroll. laughed at your fish n chips - so British and a take out meal we miss. It's always on e of the first things we have when we come home. I shake my head at all the wrapping take out food comes in over in the US and you shake your head at the little paper wrap fish n chips comes in in the UK! See we speak the same (ish) launguage but our cultural differences are miles apart eh?