Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Rome

We spent Christmas in Rome with my family. It was a magical city in which to spend the week. 
We have arrived! Scott and I arrive to greet my parents at the flat in Rome. 
Christmas Eve in St. Peter's Square:
Watching the procession from the TVs placed around the square.
Lots of spectators were gathered in the square area to watch the mass on TVs in the area.
More of the Mass on TV.
The Christmas Tree in the middle of the square area.
Scott, Carrie & Dad on Christmas Eve. My mom was really tired from jet-lag, so I stayed back at the flat with her to keep her company.
On Christmas Day, the weather was lovely and we spent the day wandering around Rome and enjoying the outdoor sights.
Dad & Mom walking along the streets of Rome.
Scott, Carrie, Dad, & Mom at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. 
The fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. Even on Christmas Day, there were still people gathering there! 
The Piazza Naovona 
There was a large Christmas market in the Piazza Navona. Many stalls were selling these strange witch like dolls....
The Italian treats of large sugared donuts were sold at the market. I actually did not try one....(they looked a bit stale up close).
Carrie, Cassie & Scott in the middle of the market. 
Carrie & Scott enjoying Christmas Day lunch al fresco - in the middle of DECEMBER! Can't beat that weather! 
A full family shot of all of us on Christmas Day - a bit of a windy afternoon as we strolled through the city, walking along the river here.
We brought Christmas crackers from the UK to open and enjoy while in Italy. We all wore our crowns and played with the trinkets inside!
Scott wearing his crown and finding his beef jerky treat in his Christmas stocking. 

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