Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandma Arrives!

Gram, Granny, Grandma, Mimi, of this important relative still to be determined, but for now, Gra-melody has arrived in England and is happily entertaining and taking care of her first grandchild! We are being taken care of too so it seems everyone is happy at the moment!
Grandma arrived on Thursday and Crosby has quickly taken to spending time with her while we rest up and learn the tricks of taking care of our little baby from my mom.
Between the jet lag and nap time, Gram and little C snooze for a bit on the couch together.
Snuggles upon arrival!
Gra-Melody bathes little C and we have a little happy baby. What have mom & dad been doing wrong that we always have screams when little Crosby hits the bath water??? Apparently Grandma has the special touch!
More cuddles after bath time. Grandma is clearly the favored care taker at the moment....
We will be enjoying this time with Grandma around the house. The laundry is getting done, dinner is on the table, the kitchen is clean, the baby is happy, and even diapers are being changed with great enthusiasm by the new grandma. We may never let her leave at this rate....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Photos

On Monday we had Crosby's first professional photos taken at our house. The lovely photographer, Jo Hastings, came to our house for the afternoon to photograph our little newborn Crosby in our home. While the images will not be ready for viewing for another few weeks, I did manage to capture a few photos of the "behind the scenes" action from the photo shoot.
Photo shooting in the living room. Scott plays photographer assist in prepping little miss Crosby for her shoots in her moses basket.
Taking a break for a snuggle with Dad in between "scene" changes.
Our kitchen turns into a shooting set with lights, baskets and all. Unfortunately this part went a bit downhill as when Crosby went without her diaper, she decided to go all over Jo's basket! Scott swooped in quickly so most of the mess ended up all over his sweater instead! We can't wait to see these photos of our little girl soon!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Week Old

Little Crosby is one week old today! She is doing well and is nearly back up to her birth weight. The midwife will weigh her again on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week so we will know for sure how much she weighs then. She seems to dislike being naked, although this afternoon we were able to capture a few shots of her while content in just her diaper.

It's a GIRL!!!!

One week ago tonight, we welcomed our daughter Crosby into this world! It was a long 24 hours plus of labor and ended in a c-section, but the most important bit is that mom, baby Crosby (and cheerleader Dad too) are all healthy and well. Crosby & Mom spent a few days in hospital (a story for another post - the "ward" is not ideal over here!) but we are gladly at home now. We are all adjusting to being a new family of three, with little sleep and long nights, but are over the moon with our new little girl.
Mom meeting baby for the first time
First photo of the family of 3!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Chinese New Year

The new Chinese new year was just recently celebrated, bringing in the year of the rabbit. Since our child will now be born under this year, I decided to make a little welcome outfit for him or her.....with a rabbit motif! With the extra time on my hands these days (still awaiting baby's arrival...), I have been trying out new designs on my embroidery machine.
One option for a little girl and one option for a little boy. Hopefully one of these onesies will fit our little Dauson around Easter time too!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Although we are not spending today watching the Superbowl since it doesn't come on tv over here until well past our bedtime, I decided to make Superbowl type "snacks" for our dinner tonight. The food, is of course, one of my favorite parts about the day!
In honor of the event, we had an American type snack buffet for dinner. Included were veggies, queso dip (the real deal with American Velveeta and all!!), tomato bruschetta, and ham & cheese sliders (similar to this recipe). No beer for me these days....still sticking with a glass of milk!
And for dessert, I made chocolate revel bars - very tasty!
We'll look forward to seeing the football score results tomorrow when we wake up in the morning.