Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Photos

On Monday we had Crosby's first professional photos taken at our house. The lovely photographer, Jo Hastings, came to our house for the afternoon to photograph our little newborn Crosby in our home. While the images will not be ready for viewing for another few weeks, I did manage to capture a few photos of the "behind the scenes" action from the photo shoot.
Photo shooting in the living room. Scott plays photographer assist in prepping little miss Crosby for her shoots in her moses basket.
Taking a break for a snuggle with Dad in between "scene" changes.
Our kitchen turns into a shooting set with lights, baskets and all. Unfortunately this part went a bit downhill as when Crosby went without her diaper, she decided to go all over Jo's basket! Scott swooped in quickly so most of the mess ended up all over his sweater instead! We can't wait to see these photos of our little girl soon!

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