Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our first stop during our week long German holiday was Hamburg. We arrived into the city without a problem but once we were at the main train station, we waited for quite some time in anticipation of catching a bus to the part of town where our hotel was located. After a while, we realized no buses were stopping at our bus stop and then we figured out that the bus route was not in progress that day due to a street festival taking place between the train station and the location of our hotel! We ended up wheeling all of our luggage the few miles down the road (and through the entire street festival!) to our hotel....
After we deposited our luggage at our hotel, we went back to enjoy the street festival.
The festival included pretzels as big as our heads!
And of course great Germany "street" food for snacking...
The mushrooms caught our eye...
As well as the sausages - of course the first of MANY to come...
So, we dug into the mushrooms covered in aioli sauce. A pretty tasty snack for the travelers who had just arrived!

Cris, Craig, and Scott perched on a table enjoying our street food snacks.

After a snack, we went out exploring Hamburg. It was a neat city with water in the main part of town, making it quite picturesque.
A main street in the central town area - located on the "Inner Alster".
The Hamburg Rathaus - the impressive city hall or town hall - which is the seat of government of Hamburg.
My handsome husband outside the Rathaus area, in the main city centre.
We enjoyed dinner outside on this dock, a nice little restaurant on the Lake Binnenalster.
We passed a nice sunset on our walk home that evening back to the hotel.
Cris, Craig, and Scott (sporting the pink Vera bag yet again!) at the Hamburg Central Train Station as we were waiting to leave for our train to Berlin.
The impressive central station in Hamburg. The German train stations are really top notch!

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