Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever

English football fans are....well, dare I say they are a bit fanatical?
So, with the World Cup starting, English pride is everywhere in this country. The flag of St. George is flying high in every pub, barber shop, grocery store and more. Take a walk down a high street and you will see a sea of promotional windows featuring various red crosses on white backgrounds, showcasing the flag of St. George.
The paraphanial is being sold in all shapes and sizes, including ever-popular car window flags.
All along the motorway and in town, cars are zipping by with these English flags flying out of their windows. I have not been able to take a photo of a car in action, but today in the parking lot I did snap a photo of a car with a windsock hanging on the side of it. All of these car window flags are quite a sight - one I cannot imagine is the same in the US but it surely adds to the excitement for the world cup tournament.

We are headed to a world cup party tonight and it will be a divided crowd of Brits and Amereicans....we will be cheering "GO USA!!!!!"

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