Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I am a bit behind in posting these photos so I will briefly recap our weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, that we took at the end of October. We traveled with our friends BJ & Beth who reside in London. None of us had been to Edinburgh before (Scott being the exception - he had a pass through of the Edinburgh airport this summer...but not a proper stay there) so we decided that we would all meet in Edinburgh for a weekend of exploring the city.
The city is very much one of many townhouses. It is a surprisingly low city with not many buildings much higher than a few stories in height. Our hotel was also a series of townhouses that had been renovated and turned into a hotel (as many are).
The view of the many row houses from our hotel entrance.
The height in the city comes in the old part of town where the castles and the high street are all set on top of some steep hills and lovely old cobblestone streets. Our legs got a work out over the weekend!
On the bridge leading to Old Town - I think this is the North Bridge in Ediburgh.
A scene on the Royal Mile (Edinburgh's main high street leading to the Castle).
The buildings in Edinburgh. All very gray but quite picturesque.
The boys found their way to a whiskey merchant as soon as possible....
Traditional scottish bag pipes being played on the street.
The decor at the bar where the boys spent their afternoon....
Scott & BJ sampling a wide variety of scottish whiskies while Beth & I spent some time shopping...
We celebrated BJ's birthday on Saturday night while we were there. I baked red velvet cupcakes and brought them up for the weekend.
On Sunday we did explore Edinburgh Castle.
Beth & BJ inside the castle walls - a very high vantage point to see the city.
The baby bump at Edinburgh Castle.
The history marker for the castle.

State rooms inside Edinburgh Castle.
After some touring, whiskey drinking and castle sight-seeing, we had seen nearly all the main sights of Edinburgh. It was a nice weekend away without having to go too far!

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