Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am very behind in updating our travels from this summer. August seemed like a whirlwind! We first had a lovely week in Barbados, then Scott went to the US for nearly two weeks, and then Scott's mom and brother arrived a day after Scott returned for a week's visit. It was a busy time to say the least - going from single parent duties with a jet lagged child to preparing, hosting, cooking, etc. for visitors. By the time September arrived, I was ready for another week in Barbados! Luckily we had a great time in the sun while we were there, so we really enjoyed our trip and made the most of the rest and relaxation at the start of the month.

We went to Barbados to attend the wedding of our friends Beth & BJ who live in London. They had a destination wedding so we decided to make a week's vacation out of it. It was terrific. Not only was the resort lovely and beautiful, but the guests who were attending the wedding were all there for more than just the weekend, so we had a nice time meeting their friends - half of whom were from the UK and half of whom were from the US (and mainly Chicago). Scott & I commented that it felt like our two worlds - our UK life and our US life - were coming together in one place, so we really enjoyed it. Crosby probably loved it the most because she was the only baby who was in attendance for the vacation within the crowd of wedding attendees. To say she received a lot of attention, was an understatement! Luckily she was well behaved and relished in all of the cooing over her.
Our little beach baby! Hanging by the pool on our first afternoon on the island.
Our first full day in Barbados. Scott & Crosby on the balcony of our room at the resort.
Ahh, our lunch view every day....
And my favorite lunch sandwich I had a few times on the island - a flying fish sandwich. Apparently the flying fish is a local favorite and it was tasty!

How Crosby spent her days...on a beach chair, topless, with her stuffed animals. What a life!
The stretch of beach on which the resort was located is apparently one of the nicest on the island. Apparently Beyonce & Rihanna were walking on this very beach the second night we were there. Fancy, right?!?
Although Crosby liked the beach chairs, the ocean was clearly not her thing!
She was even a sport and hung out at the poolside bar with Mom & Dad during happy hour...
But clearly she partied too hard and was asleep by dinner time!
Another day of too much partying on the island for this little babe!
While Scott enjoyed some reading on the balcony of the room, Crosby snoozed in her stroller like a perfect baby.
Swimming in the pool was most definitely one of her favorite parts of this vacation. She loved her little inner tube floatation.
Even without the floatation, she loved the pool.
Such a pretty sight every day.
Relaxing just like Dad under the couch cabana chairs.
The new Mr & Mrs - BJ & Beth at their lovely wedding ceremony near the beach! Congratulations to the happy couple - we were so glad to be there to celebrate!

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