Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandma Arrives!

Gram, Granny, Grandma, Mimi, of this important relative still to be determined, but for now, Gra-melody has arrived in England and is happily entertaining and taking care of her first grandchild! We are being taken care of too so it seems everyone is happy at the moment!
Grandma arrived on Thursday and Crosby has quickly taken to spending time with her while we rest up and learn the tricks of taking care of our little baby from my mom.
Between the jet lag and nap time, Gram and little C snooze for a bit on the couch together.
Snuggles upon arrival!
Gra-Melody bathes little C and we have a little happy baby. What have mom & dad been doing wrong that we always have screams when little Crosby hits the bath water??? Apparently Grandma has the special touch!
More cuddles after bath time. Grandma is clearly the favored care taker at the moment....
We will be enjoying this time with Grandma around the house. The laundry is getting done, dinner is on the table, the kitchen is clean, the baby is happy, and even diapers are being changed with great enthusiasm by the new grandma. We may never let her leave at this rate....

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