Monday, March 7, 2011

First Few Weeks

We are settling in to the first few weeks of parenthood with our new daughter, Crosby. Gra-Melody is still with us and we are so happy she is still here because we are not sure what we would do without the extra set of hands at the moment! It's amazing how such a tiny being takes up so much of our time and energy....leaving us with little left for daily tasks, household chores, and simple things such as getting out of the house! (Scott being the exception since he is back at work full time after his paternity leave and seems to be back to his daily work routine, he has just added a "late night" shift for diaper duty....)
Gram reading the baby shape books to Crosby. Crosby is starting to follow movements, voices, and people with her eyes already so these black and white books are great.
After a failed attempt to drive into town one afternoon (the car seat was too complicated to figure out!), we decided to take little C for a walk around the neighborhood. Gram pushed the stroller (or pram as they say here) and we all enjoyed a bit of fresh air.
Someday I will be pushing this pram around the block too!
For Crosby's 3 week check up, our midwife Diane weighed little C at the house- she is healthily growing and weighs in at 10 lbs 7 ounces! She is healthy and thriving and we are so very thankful!

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Well done you all!