Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Weather Woes already?

We had hoped for a mild winter when we agreed to move to England. We knew we would live in a perpetual state of fall (with a fair bit of constant spring rain) but coming from the Windy City, we were just thrilled at the idea of escaping the winter we experienced last year with the dumping of snow on the city for months on end. 
So, imagine the surprise yesterday when I looked out the window to see HUGE flakes of snow falling outside! 
Here is what I saw outside of our kitchen:

As the afternoon went on, the snow actually got heavier....the view out of our front window: 
About an hour later, the view out of our kitchen in the back "yard" was a bit whiter.... 

The snow caused some chaos on the roads here since the English are not used to ice and snow. In fact it was the first time it has snowed in this area since the 1930's so it is not a regular occurrence. The weather was also cold yesterday. Temperatures were below 0 degrees (Celsius) and with our luck, our heat and hot water went out in our house last night! 
We bundled up with socks, sweatshirts and extra blankets to go to bed last night and hoped that we would wake up this morning to find hot water working again. Scott & I laughed about it because just about a year ago we faced the same situation in Chicago. We had just returned from our honeymoon and that very night, we lost all heat in our house.....after an expensive visit from the local heating & cooling company the next day, our situation was fixed. Luckily, this time around, we do not own the house so it is not our cost incurred. :) 

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