Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn in England

The foliage here in England this fall has been spectacular! Driving around the countryside we have marveled at the sight of roads with bright fall colored leaves hanging down across them. I took a walk into our little town the other afternoon and snaped a few shots to share.....

Looking at the post office and the old bath houses from the park near town centre.
The park area in the center of town. 
A view of the river from the bridge on the main street of town. 
A view of the river from inside the gardens.
The duck pond in the gardens. 
A view of the main street in town from the gardens. 
Last weekend I had seen an "Apple Day" advertised around the area for a little festival in the Hillclose Gardens in Warwick. I had hopes that we would be able to pick a few apples and buy some good local apples. Unfortunately, the "festival" did not even hold a candle to our experiences at Apple Holler, but we had a nice (short) stroll through the gardens, and we did learn about the history of some local apples. 

Ha! Even the names of their apples made us laugh....

Scott standing at a random door in the middle of the garden maze. 
A view of the gardens. 

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Iota said...

I'm glad you enjoy the English Autumn. I think Autumn over here is much more dramatic to see - the trees are so vivid.