Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No More Crusty Clothes!!!

This morning I took a step at eliminating the crusty clothes and the crusty towels that we have been wearing and using in our household for the past two months.....I purchased a condenser tumble dryer. The delivery time on Saturday morning cannot come soon enough! 
I am quite tired of using our kitchen entryway as the hanging ground for all of our wet clothes. It is a bit challenging to do laundry any time before we want to have guests in the house, since the only place the clothes line seems to fit, is in this doorway of the kitchen. It has also been slightly embarrassing when service people have come into our house and our underwear is hanging all over our kitchen, and the person has to duck underneath the laundry line of clothing items, in order to enter our kitchen. 
I have tried to speed up the drying process by stationing a fan on the kitchen side of the laundry line, and then I position a fan in the hallway of the front part of the house, on the other side of the line. Even with these efforts, it still takes at least a full day for our clothes to dry, due to the dampness of such an old house in which we live.
A load of whites drying in our kitchen. The towels provide a nice curtain to separate our kitchen from the front hallway in our house....
And then there's a dark load.....
Most people in this country hang their laundry outside to dry. I would not even dare attempt such a thought because of a few reasons:
- SPIDERS. They are EVERYWHERE on our back patio/yard area. Cob webs galore. I would be beside myself if I found spiders crawling inside our clothes. The spiders I am still finding in the corners of the house are enough. 
- We have no laundry lines or systems set up in the backyard. Many houses have these elaborate drying racks in their back yards. It is something we could purchase, but again, due to the infestation of SPIDERS out there, I would not even consider it. 

Come Saturday, I cannot wait to actually wash a load of towels, and then put them in our new DRYER so that we hopefully can return to using nice, fluffy bath towels.....

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Anonymous said...

We do not have an outside clothesline either. I hang things over the radiator, the window sill, the backs of chairs on the rails of stairs... (and hope visitors don't come knocking while things are up...). My reason for not hanging outside -- well, aside from the fact that we dont have a line anyway -- the back of our yard is a huge farmland and then the M6, so you can imagine the dust on dry days! thanks for sharing this!