Sunday, August 3, 2008

From Louisville to Lexington

We have started our road trip....We left Scott's parents in Indiana and drove to Louisville, KY, to visit Scott's friend Andy and the lovely Tara yesterday. We had a nice time visiting with them and also enjoyed a drink at the Maker's Mark Lounge there in Kentucky. After a delicious brunch this morning at the North End Cafe where I had the MOST scrumptious banana cream pancakes with some kind of yummy graham cracker crumbs on them (they rivaled the Bongo Room in Chicago), we headed east on Highway 64 through the mountains of Kentucky and West Virginia.
The view for a large part of our drive today - haze and clouds among the mountains.
We have landed tonight in Lexington, VA, mostly because it was a good stopping point after driving for about 430 miles today. After the dinner we ate, I think Scott & I are both glad we took a chance on this Virginia college town (home to W&L and VMI). We are staying at a hotel just off the interstate but decided to venture into the historic district of Lexington and found this charming little restaurant called the Southern Inn Restaurant. The food was fresh, local and absolutely delicious! If you are passing through this town sometime, I would highly recommend you stop for a meal here. It has been a family owned restaurant by a few different families, since 1936 and was originally owned by a greek family (funny since most of their menu items are a little southern in fare). It has evolved over the years but everything is still made from scratch - the breads, desserts, dressings, etc. I had the buttermilk fried chicken and Scott had a trout dinner with an interesting and complimentary berry sauce on it. We indulged on their homemade peach cornmeal upside-down cake and southern pecan pie with a side of homemade marshmallows for dessert....excellent! 
Tomorrow we will drive to DC to catch our flight to go back to England for our second home finding trip. Our agent has been furiously emailing and calling us trying to convince us not to come back for a second trip because she thinks she is close to securing a contract on a house for us, that we had seen online and emailed to her as a suggested property. We are still both skeptical about not having a signed contract from both ends with this new property, since our last one fell through at the last minute. So, we will go back to the UK to hopefully just to see this property in person first, and sign a document agreeing to our terms, and then we will come back to the states earlier than expected. If for some reason the contract does not matriculate, then we will be house hunting again next week. Keep your fingers crossed that we are able to secure this house we have seen online soon (and that we like it still when we see it in person!). 

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