Friday, August 22, 2008

The first few days in England

We have survived our first few days in England. Scott started work straight away (as they say here) on Monday and I have been keeping busy with various things.
We are both QUITE tired of eating out for every meal and cannot wait to move into our house so we can eat simple things for lunch, such as grilled cheese and cut-up fruit. Life in the hotel has gotten old fairly fast, but luckily we only have less than a week left of it. 
Our home for a while...The Holiday Inn Hotel.
The view from our "suite" - raining outside (again)
It has rained every day at some point since we have arrived. An investment in a few good umbrellas will be necessary soon. We are both quickly learning not to go anywhere without an umbrella in hand because, inevitability it will start raining! 

I have spent most of my afternoons wandering around the town center and running various errands. On Wednesday I actually bought a cell phone so I am able to communicate with others! I currently have 2 UK numbers programed into my phone....Scott's phone number and then the wife of one of Scott's co-workers who has just moved to this town as well. I chuckled to myself when I went to buy the cell phone because I really do not have anyone locally to call yet. So, I opted for the least expensive pay-as-you-go plan and bought a fairly basic phone but it does have the capability to be used all around the world, so I can travel with it, which is nice.

This afternoon, I am off to a department store (of sorts) in the town center to pick up my order for the dishes, coffee maker, toaster, etc. that I reserved earlier today online. Very interesting system they have....I just show up at the store and pay for my items. This way, I save on delivery fees which is nice. 
The view as I took a walk in our town - en route to the main street.
Each day I have gone to the local grocery stores to buy little snacks and/or bottled water for both of us. On Monday, I was elated to find these little marshmallow cookie treats - for only 30 pence per package! I was so excited to try them....
While these marshmallow treats were yummy, I think I ate too many at one time and now I cannot bear the sight of them. I know there are plenty of other carbohydrate filled treats at the new grocery stores for me to try soon enough. I am just amazed at what a large cracker and cookie selection the grocery stores in this country have to offer.

This coming weekend is a "bank holiday" weekend here so Scott is off of work on Monday. Since we are living in a hotel, we have decided to move into a hotel in London for the long weekend. I am looking forward to some variety in our meals in London, since we have exhausted almost every restaurant in a 3-town radius around here....

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