Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Road Trip Recapped

Over the past 23 days, we have covered a lot of miles and locations via car and plane. I have calculated the distance we have traveled since we moved out of our Chicago house on July 29th and it is as follows:
We drove approximately more than 2600 miles in our lovely red rental Pontiac car around the United States. Our trip started and ended in Chicago.
We filled up with gasoline 11 times during our road trip. Prices varied along the way - $3.78/gallon (Lafayette, IN); $3.72/gallon (somewhere in KY); $3.95/gallon (Lexington, KY); $3.92/gallon (Marshall, VA); $3.71/gallon (Richmond, VA); $3,73/gallon (Smithfield, NC); $3.65/gallon (Augusta, GA); $3,79 gallon (Dalton, GA); $3.64/gallon (Eddyville, KY); $3.63/gallon (Viadellia, IL); $3.88/gallon (Lafayette, IN); and we forgot to fill up the rental car tank before returning it to O'Hare (a $75 charge - draght!).

We have traveled approximately 12,000 miles by plane in the last 3 weeks - from Washington DC to London and back, and then from Chicago O'Hare back to London. In total, we have traveled over 14,600 miles since July 29th. That means our average milage per week equates to approximately 4,866 miles. Thank goodness we're here and do not have to go anywhere for a while! 

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