Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A night in Nashville

We are in Nashville for one evening. Our lawyers who are working on our work permits and visas were able to secure our biometric appointments for us at the application support center here in Nashville for tomorrow mid-morning. There are only 129 of these "application support centers" in the US and we could not schedule this appointment with such a center until we returned from our second home finding trip from the UK, because we will have to surrender our passports at this appointment. 

We thought that our lawyers would push to schedule this appointment for us as SOON as we landed back in the states since it takes another 4-5 business days (after this appointment) to process our final visas, but as with every thing else we have experienced with this move, this appointment is not going to happen on time. Apparently the earliest appointment we could secure anywhere on the east coast or in Chicago was not until August 18th, so we asked the lawyers to look anywhere in the south and we would work to get there. Nashville's office is able to take us tomorrow mid-morning (the earliest appointment they could find almost anywhere east of the Mississippi), and so we are here. After this application center takes our finger prints, photos and verifies that we are in fact who we say we are, then they will send our applications to our lawyers. Our lawyers will then hopefully go back and forth with the US Government and British Embassy to process our visas quickly so we can finally move!

On the housing front, we still do NOT have a confirmed lease for this house we saw last week while we were in the UK.... Our UK agent actually emailed us after we returned from the UK to say she could not move forward with the lease on this house over there because she did not have credit applications from us. I almost went through the roof when I read her email. We were in this English town (same town as our agent) for almost THREE entire days with nothing to do but secure this house and she did not think to give us these applications until we RETURNED to the states?!?!
Such is par for the course on the way this entire moving process has been going for us so far....
Let's just hope our visa part actually goes well tomorrow.

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