Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving Day #2

Today was our second moving day out of our house and our final one. The packers packed all of our remaining goods for storage today and then our renters arrived later in the afternoon to collect the keys to their new home. 
We had a total of 107 packed boxes going to the UK via our air shipment (only about 4 crates at 600 pounds each) and 114 boxes going into storage, plus all of our furniture. Thankfully we did not pack any of those boxes, although I have just realized that the packers accidentally packed my current cell phone charger. I am not sure if that will be shipped to the UK or stored, but either way, it is not of much help to me right now....nor will it be of much help to me if I find it in the UK....
Just a few of the many boxes all packed and read for crating.

Our dining room packed up for storage

Our kitchen completely empty...even the fridge! 
Scott & I enjoyed a final dinner of Chicago's Portillo's fine italian beef and italian sausage in our empty house before leaving the city. (We actually thought we probably were too stinky and not presentable enough from moving all day to be in a suitable restaurant next to other people, so we opted for take-out.)
We left Chicago late and drove away as the downtown lights were shining bright against the dark sky. We are now staying with Scott's parents for a few days and look forward to not doing too much while there.

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