Monday, July 7, 2008

Our last American 4th of July (for a few years)

Scott & I went to St. Louis for a quick visit to see my parents and also to attend my friend Julie's wedding. The wedding was lovely and the bride was beautiful! 

We spent our last 4th of July (in the US for a while) by watching one of the most American past times in action - baseball. Since our timing of this visit home coincided with the Cubs/Cardinals series in St. Louis, Scott got an early birthday gift on Friday when the Cubs beat the Cardinals (sad but true). 

For my indulgence of St. Louis traditions, we visited Ted Drewes for a frozen concrete. The crowds are still there and the concretes are still as delicious as always! YUM. I doubt they ship internationally so I had to get my fill while we were home.
My parents were nice to Scott and gave him his own celebratory birthday cake while we were in STL....chocolate butter cream with chocolate cake from the Cakery. Quite delicious and the design was fitting since we had just come home from the game.
We are trying to get our "fill" of our favorite foods before we leave the country, so upon our return to Chicago, we had dinner at the Chicago Chop House (one of Scott's favorites). 
Happy Birthday Scott! I think it's going to be a great year ahead...

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