Saturday, July 19, 2008

Will we really move?

So, we are now not only faced with the fact that we still have not found housing in the UK (and our agent has told us that our chances of finding something as nice as we had chosen are pretty much dismal at best....very reassuring of her), but now, we are faced with the fact that we are NOT going to be leaving the US anymore at the end of July! I did not expect this situation to present itself. 

Our work permits were not processed by someone at Scott's company in time, so we are not able to get our visas yet, thus we are not able to move. The company has told us that the earliest date they expect them to be processed is August 18th. More time in Chicago sounds nice, especially during the summer, but we have renters moving into our house at the end of this month, so we still need to move out and I guess we will be "homeless" after that happens.....

The company has offered and suggested that since we have not secured housing in the UK and have time on our hands, they will fly us back over to the UK for another week for our second home finding trip. We plan to go back at the beginning of next month and then we are thinking maybe we will kill some time by taking a road trip to visit friends in the southeast OR maybe we will be checking into the Peninsula for a few weeks! (haha - just kidding!) 

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