Friday, June 10, 2011

The Nappy Report

This week I left Crosby home for almost the entire day with a sitter for the first time. Crosby & the sitter did just fine but of course I was worried and thinking about my little baby the entire time! Crosby is used to this sitter already which is good. We found her shortly after all of our parents went home after visiting so I could get out for a few hours every week, since we do not have family nearby to watch her if needed. The visits with the sitter have only been a few hours at a time before so I wasn't sure how the entire day might go. Luckily everything went well and when I arrived back home, I was given the full nappy report.

Nappy Report? Code name for Diaper Report. And that's not the only baby item called by a different name over here....
When I came home from the day out, the sitter said to me: "Crosby was an angel. She had four wet nappies and no dirty nappies. She drank her bottles and I took her in the pram on a walk into town."

Yes, in the world of a baby, there are more differences in words between the British and Americans. So, because we have a British babysitter, I find myself correcting myself when giving her instructions to ensure we are both talking about the same thing....
American word = British word
Diaper = Nappy
Pacifier = Dummy
Burp Cloth = Muslin
Stroller = Pram or Pushchair
Crib = Cot
Convertible Crib = Cot Bed
Bassinet or small rocking-type crib = Crib (the cot/crib situation was very confusing when shopping for a "crib" as we know it in the US!)
Onesie or baby bodysuit = Vest (commonly in the UK, vests are sleeveless, worn as undershirts really, and I have not found these in the US/ although I would also say vests could be with sleeves and then they might be worn as shirts as they are worn in the US)
One piece snap-front sleep n' play (as Carters would call them, actually I unsure what they are officially called in the US) = Baby grow outfits
Day care = Nursery

I guess only time will tell to see if Crosby picks up any of the British words for these items while living over here!

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