Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Unlike Mother's Day in the US and Mothering Sunday in the UK, Father's Day is celebrated today in both countries. It was Scott's first Father's Day as a Dad so hopefully he had a nice day. While we didn't do anything too exciting, we did manage to all go to the gym (Crosby had her first visit to the creche there) and we grilled steaks for steak salads per Scott's request for dinner. Celebrating these holidays now as a parent myself is a bit different than before. I have never doubted my love and appreciation for my parents for being such good examples to me and for providing a wonderful life for me, but now that I have little Crosby, my respect for both of them is so much greater than before. Maybe that is how life works - we learn more about the past with every future experience? Right now, I feel a bit like that and I know my parents now see something with me and Crosby, similar to what their parents must have seen when I arrived (and then also my sister) with them.

On a day like today, I do marvel at how lucky I am to have such a wonderful Father and how hard he has worked to provide for my family throughout my life - and how he continues to do so even though I have moved on into my own little family. My Mom & Dad both say to me, "We will always be your parents so we will also continue to do things for you as parents should." And now with Crosby's arrival, I understand that a bit more. I hope that as we raise Crosby, we will always put our children's best interests first, doing everything possible to provide for them, and to give them enough love and support for them to thrive. Being so far away from family on these holidays is a bit more difficult now that Crosby is around, especially since we are also celebrating her Grandfathers today too and we are unable to be with them.

However, I am reminded that we are away only temporarily and the reason we are here is because Crosby has a Dad who wants to provide the best life for our new family. His career has carved out this challenge for him and we have taken this opportunity in hopes that this experience will allow him to continue to succeed in the future. Today especially, I am glad to celebrate Scott on his first Father's Day, as I know he is working hard for us, is being a good example for Crosby and will be for the rest of her life.
Crosby in her special outfit in honor of her Daddy!
Hanging with Dad for the afternoon.
An attempt at a family photo on Father's Day.
Crosby's gift to Dad - coordinating half pint/ Pint t-shirts to celebrate Scott's first Father's Day living in England. Unfortunately it was a bit too close to nap time and little Crosby was not so thrilled to be modeling her new shirt....she was ready for her crib!

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