Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Garden Tea Party

This afternoon I attended a proper English Tea/Garden Party with a group of expat ladies for a fundraiser for a local charity. It was great fun and reminded me of some of the great perks of being an expat wife. Hats or fascinators were required since it was a proper tea and it also coincided with Ladies Day at Ascot today, which is another place where hats are part of the attire for women. I opted for a fairly small fascinator by English standards but still felt a bit like a fish out of water since I am not used to having such large things in my hair!
An attempted self portrait to capture a picture of my fascinator before leaving for the tea.
The tea was full of sweets, cakes and tea sandwiches to enjoy.
I had volunteered to bake a cake for the tea. I baked this strawberry cake (not a proper English tea time cake, but yummy all the same!).
With Anne & Michele in our hats and fascinators at the tea.
There was traditional victoria sponge cake (one of my favorite British cakes).
And plenty of delicious finger sandwiches! Salmon, cucumber, egg salad, and ham & cheese.
And of course scones with real clotted cream and jam. Talk about leaving on a sugar high!
When I returned home, I arrived to find my little Crosby fast asleep after being a good little baby for the sitter. It was a lovely afternoon for a good cause!

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Iota said...

Oh, I love the way babies sleep like that, arms flung out, legs apart.

The post is all about you, and the tea, and then you put in one single photo of Crosby, and guess what everyone focuses on after all!