Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lunching with the Ladies

One of the expat American women's club activities that takes place every month in our area is called "Pub Lunch." It's a good excuse to try out a different pub once a month for a nice lunch out. I enjoy trying the pubs for lunch because then if they are good, Scott & I will often go back for dinner on a weekend evening. Today Crosby attended the pub lunch with me and so she went "lunching with the ladies."
Crosby before we left the house for lunch. She was dressed in a pretty little dress and cardigan, and outfitted with bows!
Crosby on the end with one of the ladies at lunch. She was the perfect little baby and didn't utter a peep the entire time! She smiled and cooed and sat up nicely at the table for a while before she took a short snooze during the main course.

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