Saturday, May 30, 2009

Warm weather = Spiders Galore

Why does this country not believe in installing screens on their windows? I realize that air conditioning is pretty much non-existent here because of the typically moderate climate, but I do not understand why houses do not have screens....Today, our windows were open in our house. 
It is quite warm for late May - it reached 24 degrees Celsius (about 75 degrees Fahrenheit) which is a warm summer day for our area in England. It has been beautiful outside, but because we do not have air conditioning, we have been running our fans and opening our windows to let the breeze inside. There are a reduced number of bugs in general over here (most likely due to the bats we see flying around our house at night!! -another story), but the spiders in this country might just get the best of me....I killed 5 spiders alone this morning! I realize they are supposed to be "good" bugs but they creep me out and I HATE seeing them weave their web in my home. I am positive they just walk right into our house because there are no screens preventing them from doing so. Why oh why can't this country adopt screens to keep the bugs out???


Anonymous said...

I will gladly trade my big black circling flies for your spiders... but agreed, would give anything for screens. I had a temporary one that worked for about a week but it was based on sticky tape in the window frame so not exactly a permanent solution.

Tammie said...

Amen! I, too, am an American living in England, and was baffled at the lack of window screens.

Though I'm not really bothered by the spiders, I am not at all fond of the fruit flies and other flying insects.

Perhaps we should start a new company in England offering the latest in innovative window technology! LOL

Nocturnal Queen said...

Is there no way of installing screens? I'd have to have them.