Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been working at a job here where I am actively engaged in the business relationship that the US & UK share. I work with UK companies who are looking to grow and succeed within the US marketplace, and vice-versa. It is a great organisation and a job I am enjoying. Because of my job and the transatlantic nature of it, I was invited to the ribbon cutting and press event for a new transatlantic route launching from our area airport, in order to represent businesses with transatlantic interests who will use this new air route. The flight is going into Philadelphia and so there was a ROCKY impersonator at the gate and on the tarmac prior to the flight's departure....and you wouldn't believe how many photos were taken of this guy by the passengers and airport workers. They all seemed to know him and love him here! Here is one of the press photos from the event - note how they have me (the American!!) with a flag draped over my shoulder to clearly identify what I represent! 
I also had my first UK media interview yesterday on camera with the BBC news...however, I didn't end up making the cut on the evening news. Maybe next time.... 

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