Saturday, May 9, 2009

Expat Walking in England

On Thursday, I enjoyed the nice English weather and spent the entire morning walking with the ladies of the American Expat club here in our area. We walked for three hours on a trail around a little town called Lapworth. We passed over canals, saw lambs (and babies too), toured an old church and graveyard, walked through a cow pasture, climbed over many stiles, and even ended up at a stately national trust property manor house with well manicured gardens. The public footpaths and walking trails in this area of England are quite nice and are a bit of a hidden gem - they prove for a nice time to enjoy the scenery and weather (when it's decent). 
A few of the canal boats on the Stratford Canal. 
Walking through the cow pasture. I tried not to get too close! 
A dodgy part of the walk...trying to cross a brook on a rotted tree branch!  
A view of the English countryside. 
The ladies on the walk - towards the end of our walk in the gardens of the Packwood House. 


Iota said...

Looks lovely!

Christina said...

Mornin'! I've jumped over from "Not from Around Here".

Lapworth? Henley? Hello, backyard! I'll do some interweb searching, but any chance you could pass along the expat group details?

Cheers :)

Well That's a Good Scottish Name... said...

Christina - check out - the expat women's club for the Midlands. It would be nice to meet you!

Christina said...

Hello again!

Ive submitted a note through the "Contact us" section, but havent heard anything back yet. Do you have more directed contact info I could try? My email is my name with "" on the end, if that helps :)