Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Andrew Visits England

Scott's good friend Andrew was back in Europe on business again, so he decided to tack on an extra weekend to visit our neighborhood in the UK. We spent the weekend as locals and so we took Andrew to a big market in our area that we had driven by many times but had yet to see in person. On Saturday, took him to the Wellesbourne Airfield Market which is basically a huge outdoor flea market, with all kinds of random goods for sale. The market has been in existence since 1975 and is one of the largest open air markets in Britain. With all of the advertisements I constantly see for it, I have been curious to see what the fuss is all about.
We seem to come across quite a few markets throughout Europe and I get the impression Europeans are used to this type of shopping. I cannot say I often frequented these type of venues in the US, but I have enjoyed wandering the many aisles of stalls in the markets over here.  
A butcher trying to persuade the public to buy cuts of meat from his stall. 
Random trinkets and goods for sale....everything and anything could be found! 
Including metallic mats for your car floors....
Andrew & Scott take in the sights of the open air market. 
Bargains were there....lots of things for sale for merely 1 GBP....I am not sure what practical these items might have....
A few stalls were even selling toilets! A mere 35 GBP....what a bargain! 
Prams (aka Strollers) were hanging out in a few booths waiting to be sold...
My favorite sight of the day. A lady was actually walking around the market with this beast of a backpack!!
And of course the market had lots of British food....their version of carnival food....Chips and Bacon Baps. (Translation - French Fries and Rolls with bacon (ham) on the inside - a sandwich really). 
The British Pork Flag was flying, so Scott & Andrew stopped for a sampling of the pig roast. 

Scott & Andrew enjoying a British Pork sandwich with the trimmings.
I preferred the taste of a fresh hot donut. 
It was pure goodness, rolled in sugar and hot out of the grease! 
Saturday evening Andrew taught us how he makes homemade pasta dough at his house. Having just returned from our Italian vacation, we were itching to try this very simple but delicious pasta dish (a simple goat's cheese & pepper pasta sauce, known from the Lazio region of italy) that we had eaten at a restaurant in Rome. 
The pasta dough cut into little bits ready to be rolled out into noodles. 
Andrew & Scott busy rolling out the many strands of fresh pasta dough. 
We worked on a few....
and then finally finished the entire batch of dough. Here it is ready to be boiled and then eaten! It was a delicious meal and a great relaxing visit with Andrew for the weekend.

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