Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to the neighborhood

There is nothing like a warm welcome when you are new to an area. We received our nice English welcome last week right before our shipment of goods arrived.
First, a drunken fool starting pounding on our front door at 11:15pm demanding that I let him into our house. No thanks! 
I am sure he saw me sitting on the couch in our front room because our blinds are completely see-through (a probably at the moment about which we are fighting with our landlords). I panicked; I then ran upstairs and woke up Scott who was fast asleep and told him he needed to go downstairs and deal with the drunken fool. Scott went downstairs, turned off all of our house lights, and went back to bed.
I then called the police to make sure this fool went to bed himself! 
The next morning, I was making sure the house was in order for the arrival of our goods, and I found this lovely sight in one of our back bedrooms. 
Yes, we were egged!!!!
A nice close up view of the egging action.
I guess the residents of our town (or our neighbors as we suspect) and thrilled to have Americans in the neighborhood!


barbiebala said...

Hi Cassie!

I am so sorry you both are having such a tough time getting situated! Just so you know I am a loyal reader of your blog! I am sure once your stuff gets there it will be better. You would think your neighbors could at least bring you some lemon curd and scones! Maybe they were just dropping off the ingredients!

We miss you at the bureau.

Barbara Balaguras

Roxana said...

Hey Friend! If anyone can show her "neighbours" that eggs serve a higher purpose (not on windows) -- it's you. After all, we didn't export the best in Midwest diplomacy for nothing. Time to pull out the Mixmaster and wield it like Beckham er Jamie Oliver...