Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to School

Yesterday, I became a college student again. I am taking a 12 week upholstery class at the local college as a part-time student, near our house. I thought it would be a good way to meet people and would give me something to do for a while. Of course, I am the youngest person in the class by about 30 years, but that's ok. The other students were all quite nice and were all interested in why I live here now, what brought me to England, and how I heard about the class. They all call the instructor their "tutor" which is a bit different than a college in the US. 

Here is my "subject" for the next 12 weeks...a small rocking chair I just bought off of the UK ebay. I was surprised when the tutor told me she thought it would take me the full 12 weeks to finish. However, after my first full class, I understood why she told me it would take 12 classes to finish it. I spent the entire time removing the staples from only the underside and the backside of the chair!
My "subject." I was glad to find this chair on ebay and luckily the previous owner lived just one exit off to motorway from our house, so I think it was a perfect fit for this very situation.
The chair after my first class showing the removal of the backside of the fabric of the chair

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