Sunday, September 21, 2008

An IKEA Sunday

We spent the day reliving what it was like to move into our first apartments today and put together all of our furniture for it. We spent the majority of the day assembling the myriad of storage units and additional pieces of furniture we recently purchased from IKEA
Scott assembling our wardrobes in the back room.
Our entire house here in England is outfitted and furnished with IKEA furniture. The kitchen cabinets and even the medicine cabinets in our bathrooms are from the store. We cannot fault the landlords for providing such furniture. After all, if we had been in their shoes and had tenants who required a house to be furnished for rental; We would have done the same thing as they did, and went to IKEA to purchased all of the necessary fittings for a house.

While there is nothing wrong with IKEA furniture, we have chuckled about the fact that when Scott & I bought our townhouse in Chicago, I made sure we eliminated as much of our straight-out-of-college furniture as possible, and were investing and working towards acquiring nicer pieces of furniture that would last us for years to come. For the next few years, though, we are back to self-assembled kind of furniture for which IKEA has become famous. 

Although our landlords have provided us with a "furnished" house here, we still do not seem to have enough storage space. Actually, we have no storage space within the house. There is a not a SINGLE closet anywhere here. Since so many houses are so old here in England, it is a common problem people tend to have. Thus, they utilize wardrobes.
Today, we assembled an additional two wardrobes for our storage needs. One will house all of Scott's clothes, and the other will house our extra bathroom and bed linens, as well as a few of my barrels of fabric that I brought with me to this country. We also put together a desk, chair, and my new sewing and craft table. It was a long day of hammering ply board and aligning plastic shelves into the ply board cabinets, but we are pleased with the additional storage and working spaces that these new pieces of furniture will provide us. 
The IKEA furniture all put together. The two wardrobes for storage and a desk (with a few things still on it that will not fit in to the wardrobes!)

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