Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House Woes

We are having house woes here and we do not even own this place! Late this past weekend, Scott & I decided to move some furniture in one of the back bedrooms so that we could go to IKEA to buy more storage units for the extra bedrooms. As we started to move the wardrobe, a spot on the bottom of the backside of this piece of furniture caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, we realized the bottom half of this wardrobe was completely covered in mold and mildew! Gross. 
Scott then moved the small bed and frame in that bedroom, out of the way, and as he moved that, he discovered mold (mould as they say here) spots all over the underside of the bed mattress. We immediately took out the digital camera to snap photos of this mess to send to our agent and called her to make sure she would actually consider this situation an urgent one. (Mind you, nothing in this country is ever urgent so we knew this one would not be either). I have not posted the photos of the mould here in order to protect your eyes.

Monday morning, as my sister was showering, I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I happened to walk over to our mini fridge where the ceiling caught my eye. I looked up, and saw that there was water coming through our kitchen ceiling from the guest bathroom upstairs! 

So, today, the owners of our house came over to inspect the mould and water situations and they deemed them as problems. I am guessing in about another week, we should have action on these household issues....

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