Thursday, September 11, 2008

The arrival of things....

The UK moving truck full of our boxes....
Our household goods from Chicago arrived last week, and although we do not have everything completely put away, I am so happy to have a kitchen full of my own things! It is glorious to have extra time so I have been baking/trying new recipes and have also been making nice dinners every night. We were both so tired of eating out after a full month on the road and in hotels, that it has been a treat to cook every night. 
We seem to be missing a few things that we thought had been in our shipment of goods, and also ended up with a few things we had directed to storage (such as an ice cream maker, random mirror, etc.) but overall, the house is starting to feel a bit more like our own since we have our "things" with us. 
 Our new kitchen (my "work" right now) in disarray with our items out after the packers unpacked the boxes.
The best arrival of all, was the one that I collected sister arrived via London to stay with us for almost the next month! It is quite a treat to have her here with us to visit for a while. 

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