Thursday, December 2, 2010

More American Food Products

Since we were just back in the US, I again used the opportunity to stock up on more American grocery items....
As you can see, the most recent bounty of goods filled up about half of one suitcase but I had the space, so I took advantage of it!
On the shopping list this time ---- Malt-o-Meal (I Love it and I think it could be a pregnancy/ cold weather craving), cans of diced chilies, cans of Rotel, Kosher salt, Ranch Dressing, Dill Pickle slices, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, oyster crackers, Club Crackers, Chex Mix (a must-have for the holiday season!), Baker's Joy spray with flour (since holiday baking time is upon us), mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and yellow cake mix (and no you did not read that incorrectly - I did purchase a boxed cake mix - I usually scorn cake mixes, but I do want to make some STL gooey butter cookies for the holiday season and they require yellow cake mix in the batter....and so my secret is out). I can officially say I am running out of cupboard space at the moment to house my American "stash." I also picked up a few containers of the disposable tupperware containers because the selection over here is just dismal...
I think I should be able to make quite a few of our American favorites over the coming weeks for the holidays with all of these goodies.

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