Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

This past week we had some cold weather...freezing fog and ice. While there wasn't any snow on the ground, every tree, lawn and fence was white from the ice. It looked like a winter wonderland and was really quite beautiful! I wish I had taken my camera out into the countryside but I did not, so these photos from around our town will have to suffice....
Frozen hedges, trees and yards along a street.
A view of the (somewhat warmer) day when the trees were not as frozen as the next but still white and dense with fog.
And of course my favorite part of the great freeze (haha!) the frozen cobwebs all over our garbage cans!!! The frozen webs were also all along our fences and outside all of our windows. Gross!

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Almost American said...

Those cobwebs are gorgeous!