Friday, December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Since we are spending our first full Christmas in England this year, I decided that I would like to put up a real Christmas tree this year in our house. Scott & I were out and about over the weekend so we went shopping for a fresh tree. I am not quite sure how many English homes have trees versus how many American homes have trees, but the trees here seem VERY expensive and VERY short in height compared to the selection in the US! We were out running errands and came across a local nursery with a sign for Christmas trees so we decided to give their nursery a try.
Entering the Christmas tree area of the lot.
Trying out various types of Christmas trees. A bit short?
Still, not much we moved on from this nursery to another tree nursery closer to our house.
Upon entering the lot, these trees looked a bit more promising.
Turns out this nursery actually grows all of their trees on their property. I went to check them out. There were fields of trees growing.
So we selected a tree, had it bundled up in netting, and stuffed it in our front seat (I squished into the backseat!) and brought it home.
Our living room is now complete with stockings and a decorated tree. Probably the perfect height for the space so we chose wisely!
Unfortunately we did not bring any of our Christmas ornaments over to England with us when we moved here (who would have thought we would be here for our 3rd Christmas?!?!) so I purchased a box of just red ornaments in various shapes. We have also acquired a few British themed ornaments during our time here, so our tree now has a red ornament and British theme to it!
I am enjoying the simple decor our tree has this year, although did miss pulling out our own ornaments to decorate the tree this year, since it always brings back nice memories when unwrapping special ornaments.


Iota said...

Love the decorations! These will become those ornaments that you pull out year after year, and you'll remember when and where you bought them. They will have their own history in time to come.

Almost American said...

When you leave the UK those British ornaments will bring back good memories :-)