Saturday, March 27, 2010

Springing Forward

We are getting ready to spring forward finally here in Europe, two weeks after the US changed their clocks. While it has been nice to be only 5 hours apart from my parents (CST), it has been confusing to many people here in the business world who were not aware that the US had already sprung forward. I am always thinking that when it is 2pm here, it is 8am back by my parents, so I know I can call them then as they are starting their day, and I am heading into my afternoon. These past two weeks it has been nice to call home a bit earlier, but as of tomorrow, we will be back to the 6 hour time difference. 

Not only are our clocks springing forward, but there are finally signs of spring in England! Everyone here has complained about the TERRIBLE winter we have experienced this year - the worst in nearly 30 years (according to UK standards)! Compared to a US midwestern winter, it has been a treat, but I try to keep those comments to myself when speaking to the locals. As a result of such a terribly cold and harsh winter [said with sarcasm] here, the spring flowers are about 6 weeks behind schedule. It seems we are nearing the blooming season now and there are signs of spring popping up around our town.
Last weekend while Scott was out of town, I met a friend of mine for an afternoon walk around a pretty garden/park near by.  
The sun was shining and it felt like spring was in the air! 
Flowers are starting to bloom....
The crocuses are popping up from the ground. 
Miss Maddy (my friend's daughter) isn't really a sign of spring, but she joined us for our walk around the gardens. Could she be anymore adorable? Her eyes are just beautiful!

The flower beds have been planted and are beginning to take their shape. I cannot wait to see the gardens in another week or two when they are really in full bloom! 

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