Monday, March 15, 2010

A Day in our Nook of England

On Friday we had visitors and I spent the day in our "nook" of England showing them around a few towns. We had a nice sunny day to do some sightseeing and I enjoyed playing tour guide near our house. 

After I collected Jenn & Erin at the train station, we went straight to William Shakespeare's birthplace and house. We toured the house where we learned about William's father, John, and his mother Mary who were very well-to-do according to standards back in their time. William's father, John, was a glove maker and prepared the animal skins, made the gloves, and sold them to the towns people all from this house in Stratford. Luckily, the house does not smell like it did when such an activity would have taken place. 
The backside of the Shakespeare Home, facing their gardens. 
After a nice lunch in Stratford, we jaunted over to Warwick where we visited Warwick Castle and toured the Castle grounds. 
A gate/entrance area within the castle. 
Inside the state rooms.  It is elegant and beautiful. 
More rooms to see. Sadly, not all of the state rooms were open during our visit. Some are closed right now for renovations. 
The waterfall and water mill on the castle grounds. 
Inside the castle walls. 
A view of the state rooms and green space at the Castle. The tented part is some dungeon exhibit they have going now. 
Heading towards a tower at the castle. 
The view of Warwick's town centre and also of St. Mary's Church, as seen from a tower look out point at the castle. This church was founded in 1123 by an Earl of Warwick. 
After going up, we must go down....more steep stairs to maneuver in a tight space! 
The view from a tower at the castle, looking towards another tower within the castle. 
Jenn at the top of a tower at Warwick Castle (Dionne Warwick Castle as she joked!!). 
We ended the day back at our house and Scott was able to scoot out of work on time to join us for a drink and a quick snack before Jenn & Erin departed back to London that evening. I had a nice time showing the ladies around in our area of England, but I particularly enjoyed hearing Jenn's stories about her new life as an expat in Russia right now. Maybe someday we'll be able to visit Jenn & her husband in Moscow....
Cassie, Jenn, & Erin after a full day of touring.

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