Monday, March 22, 2010

Scott Returns

Scott has come back! He was back in Chicago for a full week (plus) of meetings last week and then stayed through the weekend to visit his family and catch up with some friends....AND watch basketball (the real motive). I think he knew I was particularly sad not to be going back to the US, since my family (minus me) was together this past weekend as well. 
Normally Scott does not travel too often for work but his travel schedule has been increasing lately and of course he knows how much I miss him when he is away. However, he had a VERY thoughtful surprise for me this morning upon his return....
Scott opened his suitcase and pulled out this box for me! 
And then, I opened the box to find: 
These pretty shoes inside!!! 
I have been looking at these shoes for a while now but just have not purchased them because they are difficult to find over here (and because I thought they should be saved for a special treat!).  
So thank you to my wonderful husband for the LOVELY gift....I am SO LUCKY to have you - and so happy you are home safely!! xoxo

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katy said...

So impressed with Scott! What a fun and trendy surprise! Hope y'all are doing well--miss you!!