Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Hostess

Tomorrow begins my role as the hostess with the mostess!

I am awaiting the arrival of Jenn and her friend Erin who will be visiting us for the day from London. However, Jenn really is coming via Moscow, as seen here:
I cannot wait to hear all about Jenn's new adventures of navigating through Russia while we tour the English Countryside tomorrow.

Then, on Monday morning, I am headed to Heathrow Airport to collect my dear friend Shawna for her trip to see us! Shawna's husband, Brad, surprised her with a ticket to visit us at Christmas and he has been kind enough to take over kid duty for the next week. Poor Scott has a week ahead of girl talk, cocktail hours daily, crafting, and antique shopping to endure [not that he's invited!]. 

So I'll be busy galavanting around the UK this next week playing hostess and tour guide....and will be loving every minute of it! 

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