Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Sunday Car Boot Sale

Car "Boot" sales as they are called over here in England happen quite often during the summer months. The best way to describe this scene is to say it is one large garage sale that occurs in an open field. Sellers drive their cars onto the grassy area and open the "boot" of the car (trunk as it is commonly known to Americans) and display their wares for sale out of the back of their car, or on a table right next to their vehicle. Attendees drive their car into the parking area of the field, and then no admission is charged those who wish to browse. I suspect a small sum might be required of the sellers in order to participate. 

One of these weekly summer car boot sales takes place near our town and so I have been saying I would like to attend for a while, just to see what it is. So, today we woke up and I suggested we should go to the car boot sale! What an interesting scene....

We did not purchase anything (probably because there was just a lot of junk there!) but it appeared that many people walked away with a number of treasures to take home. 
People at the car boot sale walking throughout the informal "aisles" of the sellers displaying their goods.
A typical set up at the car boot sale - a van with all of the seller's goods displayed in front of the vehicle. 
Car boots are open and a seller set up his table at the back of his car. These events tend to be a family affair - lots of kids and quite a few dogs were walking around the event this morning. 
There was even a portable barber shop on site! We didn't see anyone going for a haircut, but it was a clever little trailer set up. 
Some sellers just display their goods all over the ground - quite a variety of things for sale! 
Scott's only find that he thought was worthy of a possible purchase consideration - a "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" themed motorcycle/vespa type vehicle. Luckily for me, this gem was not up for sale, and it remained where it belongs - with its current owner! 

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Iota said...

It's like a great big communal garage sale, really, isn't it?