Monday, August 24, 2009

Spiders in the Car "wing" mirrors

I have expressed my discontent with the high number of spiders this country has to offer, mainly the ones I find living in my house. Today, I have seen 5 who are taking up residence in my home. Sigh. I killed the two in the kitchen (well Scott did on my behalf!) because it disgusts me to have spiders in the food preparation area. The others who are living in the corners of rooms will get to live for today....tomorrow may be a different story.

Beyond the spiders that seem to multiply in our house, I am now finding spiders living in the "wing" (side) mirrors of our cars. Maybe I wasn't as aware of this situation when we first moved here, but now it seems to be happening on every car I see in a parking lot. The spider seems to live inside the mirror area and then spins its web in between the mirror, car window and door frame. I will have to take a photo to post sometime soon. I already got angry with the spiders this morning and destroyed their webs with a stick when I pulled back home into the driveway. I know there are at least two of them in one of our cars because as I was driving today along the motorway, they BOTH crawled out onto their webs at nearly the same time. As I was looking to change lanes, I glanced in the side mirrors and saw big brown spiders crawling around out there!!! uggh. I just fear they will crawl inside my car (correction, I have already found webs inside the volvo on the passenger's side - GROSS!) - but I fear they will crawl inside while I am driving just to irritate me. 

I do not remember walking through a parking lot of cars in the US to find every other car wing mirror covered with a spider web....I am wondering is it just another UK phenomenon? I just googled the situation and was amused to find other people wonder about these spiders who reside inside their car mirrors as well.
There were quite a few other sites I found about this topic, but I will quit my ranting about it now and will hope that someday I'll be back in a land where I do not find spiders popping out every day at me. 

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