Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back Up and Running....

Finally! We are back up and running with the internet, phone, AND cable in our new house! Hallelujah. It took only over three weeks to get everything installed, but at least that time is now behind us and it is amazing how stagnant it felt not having the Internet to use for a while....I guess we have REALLY become dependant upon the web - and namely GOOGLE. 

The best part about having all of our services transferred from our old house, to our new house, was the letter I received from our service provider, SKY. 
It read:

Dear Mr. XXX,
Thank you for choosing SKY again as you move homes. We understand you have re-ordered your broadband internet connection to be transferred and we expect that this service installation will be complete by the close of day on Tuesday, March 10, 2009. To check the status of your order and its progress, please log on to : and enter code XXXX. 
SKY Customer service

If we do not have the internet in our house, how can we check the status of our order??? 
I love great customer service experiences such as these.


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant. Gotta love British "customer service" :-)

Michelle said...

Fellow Expat,
I understand your pain. It took about the same timeframe for everything to be re-connected. And we only moved 20 mins north!
Hope all is well with the new house and job. Our contract runs out in November but we may stay longer.
Take care!