Monday, March 16, 2009

My Parents Visit Our side of the Pond

My parents came for a visit to see our new house and "our" side of the pond the other weekend. It was all to short of a visit but of course great to have them here! Not only was it good to see them and show them around, they also brought a suitcase FULL of American goodies that we had requested so we are currently fully stocked on our American products that we cannot get over here. 

After a day of getting over jet-lag and wandering around our little town, we took my parents to see the Cotswolds on Saturday. We visited a few towns in the area, saw flowers starting to peek out of the ground, and and stopped for an English toasted sandwich along the way too.
A quaint little garden with daffodils and crocuses in bloom. I just loved that the English phone booth was in the background too! 
In Burton-on-The-Water with my parents on Saturday. 
Strolling through another picturesque Costwold town....
Scott in front of the Royalist Hotel - The oldest Inn in England. 
Sunday, we ventured towards a town called Woodstock, near Oxford, to visit Blenheim Palace. Blenheim Palace is a magnificent estate and is also most famously the birthplace of Winston Churchill and is the current home of the Duke of Malborough
The main front of the palace.
"Sonny" Scott with Melody & Rick at the entrance to Blenheim Palace. 
Cassie, Scott, and Melody in front of pillars of the palace after our tour inside. 
The back gardens of the palace - with the stunning ponds and well manicured hedges and lawn.
Outside in the gardens where it was a bit of a windy day!
One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting baby Maddy who was born just a few days before my parents arrived. Baby Maddy is the second child of our friends Lauri & Jason who moved here from Chicago at the same time as we did. We all live within a few blocks of each other and since Jason & Scott work together, we have become good friends with them. We were SO excited to meet their new addition! My parents were excited to be able to meet Maddy too, since they hear us talk about our friends Lauri and Jason often. 
Cassie with Maddy, just a few days old. 
My mom, Melody, with Maddy, who was awake and as quiet as can be! Such a sweet baby. 

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