Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Victorian Christmas Evening

The crowd near the town centre tree, after the "switch-on." Note all of the umbrellas...
Last Thursday evening (Thanksgiving night in the US) was the Victorian Christmas Evening in a near by town, Warwick. It is a yearly event that takes place in their town centre and it is a festival type event featuring rides, food booths, a visit from Father Christmas, children dancing/performing on stage, local BBC celebrity hosts, and the big "switch-on" of the Warwick town Christmas lights. The festival also had a carousel, traction engines, classic cars, horses and carriages, and many town people dressed in traditional Victorian period wear. It was quite a quaint little celebration and a charming way to kick off the holiday season. 

There is another American family who moved at the same time as us with Scott's company. Since our husbands frequently work late, Lauri and I decided to take their daughter, Emma, to see the festival prior to our husbands getting home from work. And since it was Thanksgiving day (due to the time change) back in the US, the boys really just had an interest in watching those Thanksgiving Day football games on the tv instead! 

The festival was nice, although the weather was not. It rained (go figure!) the entire time we were there, and we had chilled hands and toes by the time the lights switched on at quarter past seven o'clock. After the festival, we headed back to Lauri and Jason's house and had our own version of Thanksgiving dinner - pastrami sandwiches. We did have pumpkin pie for dessert but it did not feel like an American Thanksgiving evening. We were thankful to at least spend the evening with some new American friends here. 
Emma & Lauri at the festival. 
A Toffee & Homemade Fudge vendor - looked delicious!  
An antique train engine on display. 
Kate, Emma, and Lauren ride the twirly carousel. WHEE!!! They all loved it! Kate & Lauren are daughters of American friends here in the area. We saw them at the festival and they couldn't have been more excited to take Miss Emma on a ride with them. 
A little horse walking through the festival. 
The three girls - Lauren, Kate, and Emma, with the Snow & Ice Fairy from Warwick Castle. 
Lauri takes Emma to see Father Christmas outside his Igloo. Emma stayed about that far away from Father Christmas (Santa) the entire time. She saw just enough to check out his house and wave at him from a distance. 
Hot chocolate was in order for the adults. We even got Cadbury Flake bars sticking out of each of our cups. I have found a new love in Cadbury chocolate here.  
CANDY FLOSS for sale at a market stall. I bought a bag and ate the ENTIRE bag after I got home from dinner that night. :)
With Miss Emma right after the tree lighting. Can you tell how soaked we both are from the rain??

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