Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Baking Time

It is time for holiday baking in our house....I love this time of year! I spent all of yesterday preparing gifts of baked goodies for Scott's co-workers and a few new friends we have made here. The day of baking was so enjoyable for me - probably because I had the entire day to do it, and did not worry about having to get ready for work the next day! (Note: It is probably first time I have said to Scott that I was actually glad not to be working right now - most of the time I am anxious about wanting to get back into a work routine). The other factor that helped was that we also do not know as many people here yet, so the list of recipients was shorter than in years past. 

Here are the results of my labor yesterday.....I used 22 eggs in total and over 10 pounds of sugar in my baking frenzy, resulting in 25 loaves of bread, 90 pieces of fudge, 6 pounds of butter almond toffee, 4 dozen sugar cookies, and 28 cups of homemade granola. 
One batch of the almond cranberry granola all mixed up and ready to be contained.
The bags of granola ready for gifting.
Lots of loaves of orange almond poppy seed bread. 
The bread loaves wrapped and ready to be gifted.
Walnut Chocolate Fudge.
Chocolate Fudge in individual petit cup wrappers.
The fudge wrapped in packaging.
Butter almond toffee ready and wrapped.
Sugar Cookies in their bags.
The full gift bags of goodies. I hope the recipients enjoyed the treats! 

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A Modern said...

Wow, that's a lot of baking! I miss granola.