Sunday, November 30, 2008

I become an exhibitor

I have put some of my knowledge from my previous job about tradeshows and exhibitions to work....I have become an exhibitor. A small time, little table top exhibitor, but one at a "show", all the same. 
For the past three weekends, Scott has willingly accompanied me to attend three Christmas Craft Fayres (spelled as they do here), where I have started to sell my "goods" that I have been making. I am currently selling little baby outfits, baby muslins (burp cloths), baby bibs, children's hair bows, tooth fairy cushions (pillows), and Christmas stockings. I have even launched a little website (still under construction) - 
At my first craft fayre, at my "booth."
The first fayre was really my most successful one and the other two were just ok. I enjoy making the gift items so I may try my hand at a few more fayres in the spring, but I hope that I have learned a bit more in what to look for when researching the fayre, audience, etc. I am not sure if I will be able to turn this little hobby into a business here, but at least it is something to keep me occupied at the moment and I enjoy doing it which is important. 
Here are some of the items I have been selling at these fayres:
A little snow girl onesie outfit. 
Baby muslins in packages of two. 
Giraffe baby outfit. 
An elephant baby outfit wrapped up after someone purchased it. 
Tooth Fairy Cushions (door pillows).
Christmas tree baby outfit.


Iota said...

Your stuff looks great. I hope it was lucrative for you, and fun too.

eahollowell said...

Everything is so cute. When are you going to get it on Etsy so I can order away?