Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happenings come in 3's?

The saying is that bad things happen in threes, and I surely hope if that is the case because then it means we should be done with our streak of bad luck (for a while let's hope!).

Last week was a bit of a trying one for both of us who are currently separated by the pond in between. The weekend before last, we were in Chicago for the wedding of our friends Chris & Shelley (post to come later I promise!), and we were able to tie in a visit with our grandparents and families in the suburbs while we were there. Scott flew back to England on Monday and I drove back to St. Louis with my mom so I could stay with my parents for a week to visit. Thankfully, I was still back in the US, but sadly, I was back in the Chicago area again because my grandpa died on Thursday of last week. He was a great man and lived a long life (89! see previous post) but was in a lot of pain at the end, so it was a bit of a blessing to not see him suffer anymore.

At the time, little did I know that Scott was facing his own set of troubles in England on Thursday when he woke up as well.....Wednesday night our house in England was broken in to and robbed. Scott LUCKILY slept through the entire incident and the robbers did not come upstairs to take anything or harm him. For the jet-lag he had that made him sleep very soundly, I am extremely thankful. However, the fact that our house was broken in to and robbed has been quite concerning and disturbing. There is a police investigation going on, so I will not go into too many details about the crime, but they stole Scott's work laptop, our GPS navigation system, and our two packed suitcases that Scott had just brought back with him from our trip to the US. While the electronics were worth more, I was of course upset about the two suitcases they stole that were filled with some clothes, but were mostly filled with the american goods of "loot" that we stocked up on at Target, the grocery store, etc. I just hope the robbers were appauled to find the bags of Reese Pieces, boxes of Graham Crackers, Ziploc Bags, Cheez-its, razors, underwear, socks and more when they opened up these two suitcases after they left our house! I am sure they thought they would find some expensive belongings in there and they ended up with lots of American food!

Our landlords in England have been very accomodating and helpful and have outfitted the house with a new security system, motion sensored lights and all new locks, so we feel that the house should be in better shape with these new security measures. The police also think it was an isolated incident, so let's hope all stays calm from here on out...
Of course, just when Scott thought everything was past him with our house, the entire heating system in our England house decided to crap out completely on Thursday afternoon! No hot water or heat anymore....so, Scott packed a bag and gratefully took up residence for an evening at another American family's house.

It's been a crazy few days on either side of the pond for us, but hopefully this means that things will ONLY get better from here. I am feeling a bit luke warm about returning to England tomorrow due to all of these woes but do miss being away from my husband, so I know I will be fine once I am back there...

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Alma said...

Cassie- I'm so sorry to hear about your recently ordeals. Not sure if you're planning on coming back to the US anytime soon, but if you do get desperate for Target goods, let me know...I know what it's like to live abroad and be without (I used to get excited about care packages of peanut butter M&MS:). I hope that from here on out things will go your way!